Nancy Nguyen
3D Technical Visualization | Design and Illustration


"Part graphic designer, part digital scientist. 100% cat lover."


Nancy Nguyen

I am a designer for AT&T Sports Network, located in downtown Denver. In my free time, I'm a 3D artist specializing in medical and scientific visualization and animation, playing the ukulele and indulging in watching overtime hockey.  My specific interests and knowledge has given me the opportunity to work in a variety of roles, such as a forensic animator for a forensic engineering firm, a graphic illustrator for a financial agency, to being a graphics and drawing instructor at the School of Mines.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Colorado June 2015 and received the Portfolio Par Excellence in my graduating class within my department. Also during my last quarter of school, I received the Spectrum Award for Best 3D Rendering, at our student showcase event.

I started drawing at the age of 13 because of science class. My teacher at the time asked us to draw out cells, molecules and animals because he believed being able to put something down on paper helps a person visualize and memorize the subject better. For me, creating these images helped me notice all the subtle beauty in everyday things and the world around me.

Growing up, I was inspired by manga and stories that included beautiful illustrations such as Hellsing, Loveless, and Dinotopia. Years after and still today, I'm inspired to examine, question and to construct beautiful images that connects mood, aesthetic, and information.